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Re: Feedback on new customer/vendor proposal

On 11/8/06, Jason Rodrigues <..hidden..> wrote:
On Wednesday 08 November 2006 11:36, Chris Travers wrote:
> 2)  Companies would have contacts which would be designated as
> billing, shipto, or misc.  Contacts would have relevant contact
> information (name, address, phone, email, etc).  Billing and shipto
> contact types would have a primary or default contact for each type.

I hope that it can be easy to create additional Address  'types'.  For a UPS
Shipping module, there is the possibility of a 'Shipping From' address, as
well as a 'Third Party Billing' address, which can be different from the
companies Billing & Shipping address. Also, these are not necessarily a
physical address, but "Quantum View Notification" email addresses, etc.
(Something UPS offers)

Can you go into this Quantum View Notification thing in a bit more detail?

Also, we have to be able to let invoices also have multiple address objects
per record.  (for example, Who we're shipping to, what the Ship From address
should be, if shipping for this sales invoice should be billed to third
party, and all the details of a UPS shipping record, like the from/3rd
party/quantum view, etc)

Do ship from addresses tie to customers, warehouses, or something else?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers