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Re: Community Documentation Architecture, was LaTeX templates, was Docmentation/FAQs

Some suggestions

On Sat, 2006-09-30 at 22:41 -0700, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> Secondly... ;) you want to bring people to our product? Then we need to
> focus on a migration script for quickbooks. IMHO, the steps for
> supported migrations need to be:
> 1. Support SQL-Ledger for as long as reasonably possible, I can't see
> that being much longer then 6 months and then I would expect SQL-Ledger
> to die a slow death after that. We have far too much momentum at this point.

I would suggest that the focus NOT be on what is happening over there.
If it lives great - if it doesn't its not something we caused. I think
the idea of Open Source is that the better mousetrap gets the customers
so I would wish any competitor great times - it makes us stronger too!
> 2. Quickbooks. If you want people to use our product, lots of people we
> need to replace quickbooks.
Something that is much more straight forward to install!!! I would seem
that almost every person installing the software ran into issues - is
there a way of reducing this to a script which would ask for input at
certain points so that people could have their systems the way they want
them without having to know how to hack code to do this? I tried to
install a few times and had to hire someone - this would seem to me to
be an overly difficult process as I have been able to install quite a
bit of other software without problems.

What about a migration from Simply Accounting for scripts?