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Re: Draft 2 of Direction Statement

On 9/26/06, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
Ok.  this could use more clarity.  The main purpose is that we should
engineer things so that they will eventually be able to scale to
businesses of any size.  I will clarify that in the next draft.
Something like:

Although our initial target market will focus on small to midsize
buisnesses, we should strive to engineer the software so that it can
scale to any size if businesses demand it or as the smaller customers

Would that work better?

Yeah, I think so.

My reason for preferring staying in the SMB market:  From my recent
experience having worked in large institutions (public and parapublic
sectors), and seen how vendors treat large institutions and companies,
I think there is great potential in the small and medium business
market. The big guys don't either don't know how, or can't streamline
enough to offer the services that the small guys want and need without
selling them a huge package that they can't afford. Also, the needs
that any SMB has is different enough from one business to another that
it makes working in that market more interesting and less repetitive.
So, from a completely personal perspective this is where I would
rather spend my time and energy. I've done the suit thing with the big
guys, and I didn't like it. :-) I realize that other folks might have
other preferences and goals, so this needs to be taken with a grain of
salt and not as me trying to dictate where I think our efforts should