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Proposed scope of the project

I am interested in what others think the scope of the project should be.

My view is that LSMB ought to become an open piece of infrastrcture
which can be adapted to a wide variety of environments.  It is already
a decent supply-chain management application, and once we get through
some more of our to-do's, we will have a decent financial management

In the short-to-mid term, this means making sure that it is easy to do
the right thing in the accounting application, and making sure that we
can take on the Quickbooks market.  At the same time, this is done in
a way that supports the infrastructure goal.  This also means being
willing to accept contributions which further the infrastructure goal
from outside this area.  For example, better touchscreen POS modules
might be accepted.  Note that the real groundwork for the
infrastructure is likely to be in 1.2, and subsequent releases will
almost certainly build on them.

I.e. the application should be as easy to use as Quickbooks, but as
accurate and robust as a larger application.

Mid-to-long range, I would like to see the infrastructure expanded to
include modules for many other industries, including Manufacturing,
Restaurant management, and more.  I would like to see the application
extensible to the high-end market while remaining freindly to the
lower-end market.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers