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Possible bug in LedgerSMB/SQL-Ledger

I found a posting on the SQL-Ledger forums.  If this turns out to be a bug, I will get it fixed tonight.  If someone else wants to verify it, that would save me some time allowing me to focus on other things for 1.1....

Ledger Version 2.6.15 
OS Linux Fedora Core 4 
We have 2 price groups "Dealer" & "Consumer". All items in our DB have assigned a Consumer and Dealer quantity price break, i.e. 1, 10 & 20 pc prices. 
From the sales order screen, when entering in a sales order via an item number, and the item comes over directly onto the sales order, WITHOUT using the io.pl "Select Item" list -- the correct price from the pricegroup shows up on the sales order. 
When entering an order with a partial item number or description, etc. and the io.pl "Select List" file is used, the "sellprice" is used to get price. This by passes the pricegroup we have defined.  
Consumers are receiving Dealer pricing. 
Any idea what is wrong with the io.pl file or other fix for this problem/bug?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers