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Re: Potential security issue with LedgerSMB (inherited from SL)

On 9/11/06, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
Seems like a good candidate for Bugtraq :-)  But figured I would suggest
waiting until later this week when we have a tentative timeline for the next
release so we can coordinate a fix.  We can even send Dieter a patch as a
goodwill gesture.

Yeah, that went swimmingly last time. :-)

It would be nice if someone here sent Dieter a friendly note to let
him know, and perhaps a patch too. After all, as Jason had pointed
out, it is largely his work we're still using.

BTW, the terminal problem is still an issue. bin/xterm doesn't exist,
and when I try to run any of the scripts from the terminal, it tries
to include these. Is this a dumb user problem or is terminal broken in
LedgerSMB and/or SL?