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Re: Security fix that started all this

On 9/10/06, Tony Fraser <..hidden..> wrote:
I think I'm going to focus
my available resources on maintaining a patch to the current version of
SQL Ledger that removes all authentication from the app leaving it to
rely on $ENV{REMOTE_USER} and the use of external authentication
mechanisms. I've seen a few request for that on sql-ledger-users now and
it's something I've thought would be a good option for quite a while.

This is something I think we would like to see in LedgerSMB, at least
as an option in the ledger.smb.conf file. If you do provide a patch
for that, please send it our way too.

I will be keeping an eye on LedgerSMB as well. If I see significant
positive progress I will switch but at the moment I am going to continue
using SQL Ledger for my accounting needs. At this point I'm just not
clear on what direction LedgerSMB is going.

I imagine that at any time you will be able to look here:


or in the sourceforge tracker.