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[ledgersmb-users] Re: Can't connect to port 5762 (starman) to ledgersmb
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[ledgersmb-users] Re: Can't connect to port 5762 (starman) to ledgersmb

I took the suggestion to use the docker image so I could use the latest release rather than the .deb package.  I had to  install and get some understanding of docker, since I never used it before.

I could not get the instruction provided by the website to work, most likely because the port for the http connection by a browser wasn't being exposed even though the instructions said it would be.

I then downloaded the docker-compose.yml file on advice from Eric Huelsmann, and then used docker-compose with that file to build the whole docker application.  That didn't work, because the .yml file had a higher version number.  After some trial&error, I changed the version number to 2, and then the build worked. (I first tried to comment out the version number as suggested in the error message, but that generated a few error messages about the file.)  Now everything seems to work, but my firewall didn't like that one of the containers docker used the network
to operate.  I then added a rule to my firewall to allow the network to work.

Suggestion to developers:  most potential users for ledgersmb are not developers and need an up-to-date installation package like a .deb package,  They just want to use the product.
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