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[ledgersmb-users] Can't connect to port 5762 (starman) to ledgersmb
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[ledgersmb-users] Can't connect to port 5762 (starman) to ledgersmb

I am a new user.  This installation is on a local machine running linuxmint.

I installed the latest ledgersmb image for docker via a pull.
I have been able to get the PostgreSQL and the ledgersmb containers running.  The container name for ledgersmb is myledger.  The ps command shows both PostgreSQL and starman running.

When I try to browse to http://localhost:5762/setup.pl, I get connection refused.   I also tried to telnet to the port but got refused error.

When I look for listening ports, port 5762 doesn't show.

Apparently I am missing something in my installation.

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