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Re: Freedom; Re: migration to sql-ledger


I noticed something... we are talking about inventory which uses FIFO method. And yes I understand when using FIFO and You delete some random invoice, the numbers might get wrong.

For most of the companies we do accounting there is no inventory involved. Can those sales and purchase invoices / transactions be editable? Also general ledger transactions? Maybe, we could do inventory in some other program / way for those few companies who really need it.

Coming back to FIFO... how is credit invoicing handled on LedgerSMB? When I credit something back to inventory, what value it will be? For example I buy at 4 and sell at 10 and then credit - what value is accounted to inventory? If I remember correctly it's a old problem for many programs. How LedgerSMB 1.4 handles it?

For our case changing workflow etc is not a solution. Only acceptable solution for us is editing with the result that there is no way to see the old version (it has to get deleted in the database level). I understand that in many use cases You want to see everything that has been done, but for us it's the opposite. I care about beatiful end result.

When really no editing is and will not be available, then I need to search for another accounting package, which can do it. Going back to SQL-Ledger seems today easiest option even though I'm not aware how it has evolved over the years and how easy it's to switch there from LedgerSMB 1.2. Has someone tried it?

No editing means that all documents have to be in draft for certain period before final posting. That would mean I don't get real time results (income statement and balance sheet)... which means I can't check middle of the process how things are and which mistakes are in it... it will slow everything down. Can't have it again... that was the main solution to stop using HansaWorld back in 2005 as this program had thatkind of workflow.

I'm sorry for causing any problems, but it's good news for me in a way... that I became aware of this before spending too much time translating LedgerSMB 1.4 into Estonian. As it seems I will not be using it.

All the Best,


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