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migration to sql-ledger


I have used sql-ledger for years and migrated to ledgersmb 1.2 in 2010. 
I started to use ledgersmb 1.4 half a year ago with one company and 
planned to migrate otsers to from ledgersmb 1.2 to 1.4, but I am afraid 
I can not. I make mistakes quite often and as transactions and invoices 
repair is not possible in 1.4. The correct way of doing reversal 
transactions and invoices may be good for big companies, but I have 
mostly one person companies.  I have repaired records and invoices using 
directly sql prompt or with dump-modify-restore sequence, but this is 
also quite frustrating. Will there be any fork of ledgersmb where repair 
of transactions is possible like it was in 1.2? Probably not? In this 
case, Is there any simple solution to migrate from ledgersmb 1.4 to 
sql-ledger 3.2? I think sql-ledger is best choice for me, as I am 
familiar with it. This question is probably asked a lot, but I could not 
find anything on ledgersmb web.


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