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Re: LSMB Update from git;


On 03/05/16 20:27, Robert James Clay wrote:
> On Saturday, April 30, 2016 09:31:54 AM David Godfrey wrote:
>> In theory if you have installed from the tarball, yes you can upgrade
>> from git.
>>> It requires all user config must be out of the git repo, but that's not
>>> too complicated.
>> In fact no, the ledgersmb.conf file is the only "user config" and can
>> comfortably exist inside the git repo.
>> That is actually how we do our development work.
>   If local changes are kept on local branch, I suppose that's true...
It doesn't matter if the local changes to ledgersmb.conf are on a local
branch or not.
Our .gitignore file contains ledgersmb.conf so it will never be pulled
or pushed with the repo.
Infact you can even do a git checkout to select a different branch
without it being effected.

David G

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