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Re: LSMB Update from git;

Hi Marjanw,

On 30/04/16 20:58, Marjanw wrote:
> Hi,
> Can I update my LSMB installation using git?
> That could be a nice alternative from downloading and extracting tar archives.
> I would allow you to easily switch back to the previous version if something
> doesn't work well.
In theory if you have installed from the tarball, yes you can upgrade
from git.
> It requires all user config must be out of the git repo, but that's not too
> complicated.
In fact no, the ledgersmb.conf file is the only "user config" and can
comfortably exist inside the git repo.
That is actually how we do our development work.

Also, that is how the lsmb-install.sh script I have previously mentioned
Once you have the script and run it, it gives you the option to do a git
clone (for a new install) or a git pull (for an existing install)
Then asks you to select which branch you want to run before doing a git
checkout on that branch.
> In the deb package all config dirs (userspath, templates,,) are defined in
> the "ledgersmb.conf" to other locations.
> Only the "ledgersmb.conf" itself should be renamed in "ledgersmb.conf.template".
> Than as in the deb package the active "ledgersmb.conf" can be stored elsewhere:
>    ledgersmb.conf -> /opt/ledgersmb/conf/
> Regards,
> Marjan Waldorp
> Tux4u
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
David G

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