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Differences between AR & AP transactions

I have LedgerSMB 1.3.35 and I am having some issues.

When I post an AR transaction the invoice created date is automatically 
filled in by the system, however when I try to post an AP transaction it 
does not fill in the date created automatically and I receive this error 
after entering all of the other relevant information into the transaction:


SET invnumber = ?,
ordnumber = ?,
transdate = ?,
taxincluded = ?,
amount = ?,
duedate = ?,
paid = ?,
datepaid = ?,
netamount = ?,
curr = ?,
notes = ?,
intnotes = ?,
department_id = ?,
ponumber = ?,
crdate = ?,
reverse = ?
WHERE id = ?

ERROR: invalid input syntax for type date: ""
LINE 17: crdate = '',

Also, on AR transactions my GST is calculated automatically, and it is 
not calculated automatically on AP transactions. At some point last year 
before we upgraded this all worked fine, my gst was calculated, I could 
save an AP transaction with no issues, and then I could approve and post 
it. My boyfriend thinks that this issue is due to me not filling in the 
order number, and claims that we have always had to manually enter GST 
on AP transactions, but this just doesn't seem right to me. I don't have 
to fill in the order number on AR transactions, why would I have to fill 
it in on AP transactions? And why would my GST be calculated 
automatically on AR transactions but not AP? I have double checked that 
all of my vendors have the appropriate tax boxes checked, just as my 
customers do.

Unfortunately I am more of a LedgerSMB user than a LedgerSMB guru, but I 
am not opposed to trying to fix things myself if anyone has any hints, 
or suggestions of even where to look in the DB logs.

I have a print screen of what I have entered in the AP transaction 
screen if anyone is interested, I would be happy to pass it along, I am 
quite stumped at this point, and quite honestly am on the verge of 
dumping this entire program for something that is not OpenSource, simply 
because I am so frustrated and am not sure how to fix things. It will 
always be my preference to use OpenSource software but I have been 
having a huge fight with LedgerSMB since I switched from SQLLedger a 
year ago.

I appreciate any help that I might receive,


*Linda Hillier*


Box 30165
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 5M2

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