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Re: changing stylesheet in preferences

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Feladó: "John Griessen" ..hidden.. 
Címzett: "LedgerSMB Users" ..hidden.. 
Dátum: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 11:36:34 -0600
> While logged in as ledgeradmin, my initial user with full permissions from the 
> install,
> I seem to have to change the password to change anything on the page called
> Preferences for ledgeradmin.
> The save button responds with access denied when the three password change 
> fields are blank.
> Is there another way to change the stylesheet to try some of the other color 
> schemes
> listed, or is that always done combined with a password change?
> John


I made a QuickStart video a published the raw material here (QuickStart for impatients :)

This video is really quick howto:
from installing a new dataset (database/company, whatever) to creating your first offer to a customer.

What to do, if you found a bug?
- Try to reproduce, if you can repeat your last few steps and you got the same error, you are ok.
- File a bug to the sourceforge or to the mailing list with your result.

I hope it will answer some questions for you.
Please note, video with subtitles is under progress, that will be a little bit better than the raw.


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