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Re: need support for a 1.2 to 1.3 upgrade


We are looking for assistance for upgrading our rather broken LedgerSMB
1.2 install to 1.3. We have been trying to perform this upgrade for more
than a year now, and at each step we found new corruption in our old
(old!) database, which was migrated from SQL-Ledger back in the days
(and before that: migrated from Gnucash!).

Here are the technical details of our current process and problems:


This was previously discussed on this mailing list, but we failed to
find a solution:


We have failed to get support from any commercial providers (including
metatrontech, which has not responded to our emails since june), so we
are quite worried about the level of support LedgerSMB really has in the
community. We are willing to finance work on this to get us through this
delicate upgrade.
We will start considering switching to another application if we cannot
finish this upgrade, especially considering the trouble we're having
finding proper support...

Thanks for any feedback you can provide,


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