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postgresql settings in fedora 18?

Hi, trying to get it working.

I found a postgresql.conf file in three directories:

I guess I don't have to bother about the first one.
The presence of the second (.sample) one suggests this file needs to be
copied (to postgresql.conf) within the same dir and edited properly.

Which one is finally used by pgsql, the /usr/share/pgsql/postgresql.conf
or the /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf one?

Especially the 'listen to' entry asks for attention here, as it

#port = 5432				# (change requires restart)
# Note: In RHEL/Fedora installations, you can't set the port number
here; # adjust it in the service file instead.

As this is a fedora install I would need to know what 'they' mean by
'service file'.

Was the postgresql.conf file not assumed to be configured during
ledgersmb install? In that case something would have gone wrong there.


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