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Payroll, the state it's in (if any), and where to start

Hi all,

I've been a long time lurker and an on and off user of ledger SMB (and previously SQL-ledger).

Over the years, I have helped lots of places with IT stuff, and occasionally help guide their software choices.

Now, one of these contacts has reached out to get help with Payroll. Their accountant has suggested they code up some stuff in Excel, so they can keep track. I've been urging them for years to set up a proper accounting system, and I think now is the time to plunge in with both feet, since teaching them how to do this in Excel (and building the supporting pieces around that) will be as much effort as a proper Payroll piece.

I'm looking to start with some baby steps and some community advice.

The place that reached out to me is conducting business in Ontario Canada, so if anyone has used payroll in that neck of the woods, it would be helpful.

Mostly, though, I'm wondering what version I should be targeting. 1.3 is the stable prod version, but in digging through docs and articles and google searches, it seems there is a 1.4 "beta" that might have some of the hooks in there. But the code at sourceforge looks a bit older (early 2013) for the beta.

Right now I'm kicking tires and seeing how hard things might be to do. I'd prefer to have this completely automagic, but having to do the calculations outside of ledgerSMB and just enter the results isn't a show stopper at this time, as that is the plan with Excel anyways.

Comments/discouragement/realism encouraged and accepted -- just know I'm stubborn though. :)

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