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Re: lpr PDF prints to file name _stdin_.pdf

Hi Chris,

Hmm I missed that this was 1.2.  1.2 was before we replaced the template system or used libtex-driver.
That error most definitely should not occur in 1.2 because we don't use LaTeX::Driver.  That it is happening suggests to me it is actually hitting some mixture of 1.2 and 1.3 code.  You may, for example, have run make install on a 1.3 tarball.  I have absolutely no idea what will happen if you run 1.2 with some 1.3 modules, but it shouldn't be possible because we check db versions.  So at this point I can tell you that something is very wrong.

I have been very careful to use separate directories and different DB's so with the 1.3 install this was the reason to make a new vm and use a complete new install (and fresh OS), on this machine it is certain there is no mixture of versions. As that gave the same result I guess the debian packager got interested as well. 

I would be happy to take a look at this from a paid support perspective.  However here are also some things you can do yourself:

I really want to move to 1.3 as it brings some needed improvements. And after all these years being an happy ledgersmb user I consider paid support definitely worth it.

1.  Look for LedgerSMB/Form in your LIBPERL and see where it is.  If you find ones in your vendor perl directory, or anywhere they shouldn't be, you may have some cleanup to do.
2.  You could try installing 1.2 from scratch on a new system and see if that would cause the same problems.

Thx I will try that. Though I am tempted to skip debugging 1.2 as I have a workaround on that system with batch printing


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