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Re: keeping latex files around

I had a problem with my invoices failing with an error, and I wanted to debug
the latex .tex files going into pdflatex, so I was tryin to figure out how to
keep the files around.  I wandered through twisty corners of Template::LaTex,
but I didn't find the place where the files were unlinked... strace could see

While I screwed around with Log4Perl a bunch, and I tried to force another
PDFLATEX_PATH, eventually, I just did:

sudo mv /usr/bin/pdflatex /usr/bin/pdflatex.dist
cp /usr/bin/pdflatex.dist /home/mcr/bin/pdflatex  # it matters what the $0 is.

cat /home/mcr/bin/pdflatex

touch /tmp/my$$
exec >/tmp/ff$$
exec 2>&1

echo ARGS: $*
mkdir /tmp/ff$$.d
cp * /tmp/ff$$.d
stdin = /tmp/ff$$.d/stdin.txt
cat >$stdin
cat $stdin | /home/mcr/bin/pdflatex $*


doing this, I found that the line with the error looked like:
STUFF from notes\medskip

\\\medskip   <- this line.


I removed the empty lines at the end of the notes section, and my problem
went away.  Clearly a bug, but I'm not sure where to fix it.

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