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Re: lpr PDF prints to file name _stdin_.pdf


On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 9:33 AM, Max van Biezen <..hidden..> wrote:
> I just made a clean install of wheezy. This time I installed it with apt-get
> ledgersmb (1.3.18). This is just a dedicated wheezy+ledgersmb

   I don't yet have a wheezy test system running again, so I can't yet
test installs like that directly.   Did just recently get my main
server back online but that has a testing version of the 1.2.23-1
package, since I haven't had a chance to upgrade it yet.  (And of
course it's not a 'clean' install anyway, as I've been using it for

> I get the same results:
> in apache2/error.log:
> Use of uninitialized value in lc at /usr/share/perl5/LaTeX/Driver.pm line
> 137.
> and as file name _stdin_.pdf

    I'll need to review what you're attempting to do once I have a way
for testing again; in the mean time, please feel free to open a bug
about the issue in Debian (since that's where you found it) on the
ledgersmb package.

> Pity that I cannot upgrade 1.3.34.

    I'm still in the process of getting set up again after a move but
that will be getting packaged.

> Anyone ever encountered the same problem?

    Not that I recall off hand, but I'll have to review your posts
again (to see what you're attempting to do) after I have a test server
up and running again.

Robert James Clay
LedgerSMB Debian/Ubuntu packager

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