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Re: Putting items "on sale"

Hi Brian,
 Discount (two text fields on the Customer screen)
field 1, % off, field 2, if paid in x days.
Basically there are three mechanisms for discounts.

The first are "business types" which can have across the board discounts on *everything.* ÂThis is a very broad tool and may be merged into the price matrix system at some point.

The second are customer and pricegroup pricing. ÂThats what is set on the parts screen.

It sounds like there currently isn't an easy way to discount products from a specific manufacturer for a set period. One way to implement an enhancement would be to add a "set price" button at the bottom of the product search results screen (eg, search by "make"/manufacturer). When clicked, the button would take the user to a screen which lets them set discount percentage and date range. How that's accomplished in the back-end and related screens (eg, sales order) I'm not sure.

Even though your workflow probably works, I'd say that the best architectural fit would be to add an extra criterion to the price matrix: currently products can be assigned prices or discounts based on the counter party (customer/vendor) and the product. It seems (to me) that adding an extra criterion would be the way to go. That needs a UI design though... Come to think of it, I don't know how to assign a specific customer a 10% reduced rate on all products, but that should be possible.

Another idea would be to assign all products of a given manufacturer to a specific parts group. That way, you could probably assign rebates on the entire price group. How exactly to go about doing that, I don't really know at this point (I'd have to find out).



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