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Re: Returning Security Deposits

Hi Bill,

On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 4:59 PM, Bill Ott <..hidden..> wrote:
I am running a small building with 17 tenants. ÂI collect security
deposits at the beginning of the least from each "customer". At the end
of the least I need to return the deposit. ÂI need the customer to be a
vendor in order to move the deposit to accounts payable and then pay
them from checking. Is there any way short of duplicating the customer
as a vendor to allow this transaction?

My immediate thought is to use a credit invoice to return the money to the customer: simply post a credit invoice and either clear that against other amounts due from the customer, or clear it against an outgoing payment to the customer.

If you have any issues with that workflow, I'd like to know about it.Â



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