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Re: New User Anomalies

> Hi, I am a new user to LedgerSMB, although in a previous life, I
> contributed to SQLedger.

Welcome! Are you running 1.2 or 1.3? If the latter, which version?

>ÂI have set up Âan accounting system for a
> small rental property (less than 20 tenants) called SSN Âand have
> obviously messed up some part of LedgerSMB. ÂHere are my questions and
> issues. Any guidance is appreciated.

I hope I can help you.

> First let me say that the Trial Balance, Income Statement, and Balance
> Sheet reports all appear to be correct (at least as I expected them to
> be :-).

> When I do Reports->Chart of Accounts the first anomaly is that none of
> the summations in the Headings match their domain

It's a bit hard for me to see what you are talking about since my chart probably looks differently. Do you mean the totals don't match or do you mean the accounts are not listed below the headings you expect them to be?

>ÂFor example 1000 Current Assets lists only the checking account debit. The AR debit
> appears in the Capital Assets debit heading. Â1820 Office equipment
> appears under 3300 Share Capital. Âand so on. Â I created another
> accounting system (Test) and that one does not have this problem so I
> have somehow hosed up SSN.

> I have posted quite a bit of data and am
> hoping there is a solution short of re-entering all of the data.

My thinking is that this is probably (mostly) an account grouping issue: LedgerSMB supports real account trees behind the scenes (although there's currently no way to report them as such). This may be related to that.

My expectation would be that re-entering transactions isn't required - instead we probably need to fix your account hierarchy.

> Secondly, Âon both SSN and Test, Âwhen I look at
> AR->Report->Transactions.closed Â(the result of creating and posting a
> customer invoice and then posting a receipt) I see the following for the
> receipt: a debit to 1000 (the current assets header), a debit to 1060
> checking, a credit to 1200 AR, and a credit to 1800 Capital Assets
> header.

If you're using 1.3, this is probably a reporting bug: accounts and headers have been separated into separate tables, meaning that you can't post on headers in LSMB 1.3.

>ÂI see the following for the Invoice: Âa credit to 4410 Rent
> under other revenue, a debit to 1200 AR, and a debit to 1800 Capital
> assets. ÂI do not understand why the debit and credit to 1800.
> Interestingly enough, per the above the 1800 Capital Assets show the AR
> amount on SSN, BUT not on Test.

Could you check if your 'account' and 'header' tables have entries with the same IDs? If so, which accounts are associated with the IDs of the 1000 and 1800 headers?

> So I know the first part is messed up. I do no know if the 1800
> transaction in the invoice and receipt is supposed to be there or it's
> another indication of my degraded system.

Do you have to charge Tax, by ant chance? If so, two debits and a credit make sense: one debit on the sales / rent account and one on liabilities (taxes due). The single credit on AR also makes sense.

> I really do not want to re-enter all of my data. If necessary I will,
> but I want to be sure the system is working properly before doing so.

> Again, any guidance to avoid re-entering all of my data and attachments
> will be greatly appreciated

Hope this gets us a few steps on the way. Let's see if we can disentangle it over e-mail.



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