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Some issues.

At last I have installed LSMB on Debian Wheezy server at home. I have 
some notes:

1. There is an error in the FAQ on LSMB website regarding xelatex 
configuration, 'The utf8 character "hack fix"': the modification to file 
Driver.pm should read:
".tex", {binmode=>':utf8'}, $source
For 'Font fix' I did:
apt-get install fonts-liberation
And now Norwegian characters show up nicely on my invoices. :-)

2.  Response time is quite slow.  I substituted my old server (Pentium 
II, 333 MHz) only recently with an 2,8 GHz and 1,5 GB RAM, but 
typically, it takes 6-8 seconds to most screens to show up after I have 
clicked on my selection.  I knew my old machine would be much to slow so 
I didn't try, but I didn't expect LSMB to be quite that slow on my new 
machine.  What should I expect, or more to the point, what can be done?

Vennlig hilsen / Best regards      |\     ___,,--,        _
Arne Hanssen, Senja, Norway        /,`--''        \-,,__,'/
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