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Re: Some issues.

Hi Arne,

On Jul 11, 2013 10:12 PM, "Arne Hanssen" <..hidden..> wrote:
> At last I have installed LSMB on Debian Wheezy server at home.

Welcome to the community!

> I have some notes:
> 1. There is an error in the FAQ on LSMB website regarding xelatex
> configuration, 'The utf8 character "hack fix"': the modification to file
> Driver.pm should read:
> ".tex", {binmode=>':utf8'}, $source
> Â Â Â ^
> For 'Font fix' I did:
> apt-get install fonts-liberation
> And now Norwegian characters show up nicely on my invoices. :-)

Very nice. I'll update the FAQ.

> 2. ÂResponse time is quite slow. ÂI substituted my old server (Pentium
> II, 333 MHz) only recently with an 2,8 GHz and 1,5 GB RAM, but
> typically, it takes 6-8 seconds to most screens to show up after I have
> clicked on my selection.

That's really way too slow. I have - privately - a relatively slow Intel Atom "server" with 2 GB RAM running in the Czech Republic (I'm in the Netherlands myself). The response times are less than a second (except for login which takes 2 or 3) where I use wifi for my local network connection.

>ÂI knew my old machine would be much to slow so
> I didn't try, but I didn't expect LSMB to be quite that slow on my new
> machine. ÂWhat should I expect, or more to the point, what can be done?

It'd be interesting to understand if this is due to your local network or that it is really your server taking this much time to process the response.
Did you try requesting a static file from the server?
Did you set up a CGI or a CGId setup?
Do you have other applications runningon the server?

There is one remark: if your setup is configured to cache compiled templates, the first request to a certain page may take longer. Further requests should be answered much quicker. This is a one-time hit - usually once per upgrade. ie the first request takes longer and then all requests until the next application upgrade don't.



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