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Re: "recon"? deleting dataset?

Hi Rob,

> 1.
> Does the "Recon" option to GL accounts, stand for "reconciliation" and
> just apply to checking accounts?

As http://book.ledgersmb.org/1.3/split-book/sec-coa-account-configuration.html explains, it is indeed a checkmark to identify an account as a chequing or current account to be reconciled.

> 2.
> When modifying a new "general" chart of accounts in an empty
> dataset, I find constraints preventing me from deleting accounts.
> When I try to delete the Inventory account (after un-summary-account-ing it),
> I get:
> WHERE chart_id = ?
> ERROR: permission denied for relation tax

Right. The tax table can't be deleted from, because by doing so any invoices in the system loose the relation with the tax rules that led to the tax amounts on the invoices.

The weird thing here is that the inventory account should normally not have an associated line in the tax table.

> That seems weird for an empty database. ÂAs a workaround,
> I plan to start over and modify and add gl accounts instead
> of deleting any.

That works. The tax table is an exception because there is no referential relationship between the tax table and the invoices generated using the lines in the table. As a consequence there is no good rule to determine whether a line can be deleted or not. So deletion has been blocked in general.

> So how should I delete datasets?

Accounting systems are generally designed to make deletion hard. Same with LedgerSMB. Renaming accounts is your best option.

> If I missed a fine reference let me know, I'll read it.

The book referenced above is work in progress, please provide me with comments regarding sections you would value to be written first.



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