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Re: reversing a Vendor Invoice back to a PO, removing an attached link/item of a Vendor Invoice

Hi Zev,

On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 10:15 PM, Zev Steen <..hidden..> wrote:
Two questions:

1. One of my employees accidentally created a Vendor Invoice from a Purchase Order. ÂWe need to change it back to a PO (or reverse it in some other way) since we have not actually purchased the item yet. ÂHow do we do that?

Did the vendor invoice get posted? If not,only the order got closed; skip to the next paragraph. If so, you want to go to the invoice and click the VOID button. Then, you want to create a null payment: select the voided and the voiding invoice on the Cash -> payment screen, check all invoices in the column under X, except the two offending ones. Click Update (now only these two appear). Click POST. Now the two invoices are gone from the list of open invoices.

Then go to Purchase Orders, search the one that was accidentally converted (be sure to include closed orders in your selection). Open the order. In the right upper corner, change the radio button from Closed to Open. Save. That's it.
2. ÂLedgerSMB has the ability to attach a file or a link to a Vendor Invoice and the like. ÂHowever, there seems no way on the front end GUI to remove it once it is attached, or edit the link. ÂIs there any way that I am have not noticed?

You didn't miss anything. That's really it.Â



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