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Re: Duplicate General Journal Entries


> Second, I am wondering if somebody can shed some light on a situation I have encountered while using LedgerSMB 1.3.18 on Debian 7.0. ÂI noticed that a General Journal entry I made some time ago had been duplicated, right down to its system assigned Reference number. ÂI opened the entry and reversed the various debits and credits to correct this, then clicked the Post As New button. ÂI ran a report to verify the results: the reversing entry shows up THREE times!!! ÂIs this a known bug in this version of LedgerSMB? ÂIf so (and assuming it has been fixed) is there a newer version of LedgerSMB available as a Debian package? ÂHow can I remove these extra General Journal entries?

To the best of my knowledge, this isn't a known bug.

Could you provide us with a detailed description of what you're doing to create the posting as well as the steps you go through to assess the duplicity? Have you tried running the balancesheet or incomestatement reports before and after the reversal? if the numbers changed there as expected, this could be a reporting issue (instead of an accounting issue).

Thanks for taking the time to report your problem!



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