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Duplicate General Journal Entries


First, I just want to express my appreciation to the developers of LedgerSMB for making a wonderful accounting software package freely available to everyone!

Second, I am wondering if somebody can shed some light on a situation I have encountered while using LedgerSMB 1.3.18 on Debian 7.0.  I noticed that a General Journal entry I made some time ago had been duplicated, right down to its system assigned Reference number.  I opened the entry and reversed the various debits and credits to correct this, then clicked the Post As New button.  I ran a report to verify the results: the reversing entry shows up THREE times!!!  Is this a known bug in this version of LedgerSMB?  If so (and assuming it has been fixed) is there a newer version of LedgerSMB available as a Debian package?  How can I remove these extra General Journal entries?

Thanks in advance,

Jason Kay. 
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