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Re: multiple warehouse support

Hi Zev,

We pay for items before we get them.ÂSo our workflow goes like this: order > invoice > receive.

In that case, I'd expect the following workflow to work very well for you (however, I do understand that it will look inefficient at first):

Â> Receive order confirmation/invoice from vendor
Â> Pay vendor based on order confirmation/invoice
Â* Create order in LedgerSMB, based on order confirmation/invoice
Â* Enter overpayment into LedgerSMB
Â> Receive goods in one or more shipments
Â* Enter receipt of goods on order into LedgerSMB, using shipments with warehouse locations
Â* Generate invoices from shipments
Â* Pay invoices using overpayment

While I agree that the above looks laborious, it allows you to control that exactly the amount ordered and paid for is being received at the prices which were agreed upon: the order tracks the number of items received; if you get too many, it won't match the order / if you get too few, the order won't close. Then on the payment side, it's also tracked: if the payment isn't fully consumed (because they delivered too few), the overpayment won't be fully consumed. It'll remind you to request back the amount you paid too much.

The added benefit of this process is that you can now use the warehousing functionality in LedgerSMB.

I can understand if you need adjustments to LedgerSMB; if it is to support the above workflow, I'd advocate to change the fact that overpayments/prepayments can be tied to orders (which they currently can't).



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