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Re: multiple warehouse support

On May 28, 2013 3:53 PM, "Zev Steen" <..hidden..> wrote:

> We have multiple warehouses.

Thanks for bringing this up. It's a good opportunity to learn the stocking part of the application -- and especially people's 'natural' expectations related to them.

> When I make a Vendor Invoice, the products are automatically added to our inventory but not assigned to a specific warehouse. ÂThere seems to be no way (without customization) to make it add the inventory to a specific warehouse when it is bought.


> Before I start trying to change the way it works on my installation of LedgerSMB, I was wondering as to the logic behind this. ÂWhy would I want the products received into nowhere?

You don't, I suppose. However, I'm concluding then that you're not using the process which is designed to enter stuff into warehouses: order -> receive -> invoice.

In other words: shipping allows you to add to the different warehouses.

I see several options to the "stocking into nowhere" problem:

1. Fail to post invoices for which not all stocking items have been received (possibly by presenting a screen to belatedly stock the items?)
2. Offer an option on the invoice to select a warehouse to stock into.

I see a few issues with option (2) though:
a. What to do if part of an invoice which was converted from an order *was* stocked?
b. What to do if you want to stock one specific item of one order/invoice into multiple warehouses? Will the customer see two invoice lines (note that he/she won't see the warehouse)?

But before we go into the details of which changes to make, can we discuss your process a bit, so I understand your use-case?




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