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online banking download/import? (OFX import support)

Does anyone have some tools/scripts to do something substantially 
similiar to what Quickbooks does with the 'downloaded transactions'
where you download your bank statement history (usually in the OFX
format .. http://www.ofx.net/AboutOFX/AboutOFX.aspx ) , and then
match up (and reconcile) transactions?

What I would really like is some sort of HTML5/Javascript interface
that could easily allow creation of a new entry in the chart of
accounts, and some way to put in matching rules so that when new
OFX files are downloaded, you get transactions for known vendors
put in the right place.

Does this exist? If not, does anyone have any thoughts on how much
it might cost to make it exist?

Troy Benjegerdes                'da hozer'                 ..hidden..

Somone asked my why I work on this free (http://www.fsf.org/philosophy/)
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Charles Shultz had the best answer:

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