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Re: Debian Upgrade

> Sound like the 'ledgersmb' database admin use still needed to be
> created and/or configured. Did you have a chance to do that?

> -- 
> Robert J. Clay
> ..hidden..

Hi Jame, 

We have upgraded to 1.3.25 via Sid, I am running Postgres 9.1, I am now able
to login as myself and another user.
I cannot see any of my old data from 1.2. I know it is there as I can see it
via pgadmin (but not from ledgersmb)? How do I get my customers and goods to
be seen again? I must be missing something.

I read on ledgersmb website that 1.3.27 makes migration easier. Is there a
.deb package for this anywhere in the future?

Thank you
Scott Martin

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