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Using Parts & Part Assemblies for unusual quantities

I'm working on migrating our manufacturing business to LSMB.

One of the raw materials we purchase is steel in bars of various shapes, and lengths of 12, 20, 24, and 40 feet.  The steel is priced and billed to us from our vendors by either hundredweight "Cwt", hundredfoot "Cft", or hundred-square-foot "Csf"; but we want to track inventory, bill-of-materials, and over-the-counter casual sales by the foot.

Our existing purchasing/inventory/bill-of-material system accomplishes this by having the following fields in the StockItem table:
-  a BuyUnits text field (used for purchase orders)
-  a SellUnits text field (used for inventory, bill-of-materials, and customer invoices)
-  a SellUnitsPerBuyUnit field, which is used by the stored procedures that calculate the InventoryCost and SellPrice fields based on ItemCost, FreightCost, and Markup.

A key item to note is that SellUnitsPerBuyUnit is a floating-point value; for example, with steel angle 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/4" thick there are 42.74 feet per hundredweight, so SellUnitsPerBuyUnit = 42.74.

I've read the discussion in 22.1.5 in the book, and it seems like our case corresponds to #2, strategy (b).

-- Am I correct in understanding that I would create a part entry for the per-foot units for selling and inventory, then create an assembly of (1) hundredweight of steel angle which is made up of one line item of 42.74 feet of the previous part?

-- I take it that we would, for example, receive a purchase order for 3.744 of the hundredweight assembly, and restock the assembly quantity from negative to zero (each p.o. or each day) so we can maintain our inventory in feet (or square feet)?

-- Is this the most straightforward way to handle this in the current version of LSMB?


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