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New entity class

Two of our clients are running their businesses on LedgerSMB.  In each case, the company is a distributor who often drop-ships to a third party.  For example, their customer is a store, and the company drop-ships to the store's customer.

I'm looking for best practice on how to set this up in LedgerSMB.  Since the company's customer is actually a store (i.e., not the ultimate  recipient of a shipment they are fulfilling), one approach is to add the store as a customer (entity class) and the store's customer as a shipping address.  The problem with that approach is the gross number of end-customers could become quite large.

Another approach might be to create a new entity class.  For example, a "third party".  The question is how to connect the store (a customer in LedgerSMB) with a "third party" entity.  Plus, how to modify search / results to filter "third party" entities in or out.  Sane ideas very welcome.


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