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search problems in 1.3 and workflow suggestions

A problem which I think I mentioned sometime before is that I can no
longer search AP/Reports/Transactions by Vendor using the drop-down.
I would always get no results.

I found through trial and error that if I left the Vendor Drop-down
"blank" (select all), that I could get everything, and that I could
filter by date, which reduces the amount of stuff I need to ^F through
to find the right "previous transaction" to copy-as-new.

I found another thing somehow: if I put the correct vendor account
code into the Vendor Number that I can again filter by vendor. Of
course, I do not know all of those account numbers.  Some are "13"
others I filled in with mostly the name of the vendor in lower case.

If, with the correct account number entered, I also select the vendor
in the drop-down, I get nothing.   I suspect that there might be
something missing/not-linked-right during the upgrade?

I don't know what the intention is here. 

The other thing that I find inconsistent/inconvenient is what happens
after I Post-As-Saved.  

Sometimes, I'm left on the transaction with the top saying that I have
posted the transaction with an ID.  I mostly like this, but it is way
too small. I suggest that it should do two other things:
     a) grey the entire transaction out/fade it. Should be some simple
	CSS, and I think that I can cook up a patch if others like this.

     b) maybe, it should make all the boxes as not editable on the
	screen.  A button in the top in the transaction ID could be
	Unlock. This could be a feature that is enabled/disabled on
	a per-user basis. (sophisticated/unsophisticated user)

     c) maybe, put a button up there to take me back to search results
	(now updated with this transaction, possibly. ideally highlight
	this transaction in the list, and scroll to that item.
	Javascript to do this makes sense)

Sometimes, I'm taken back to the search results.  
If I've filtered by date, this happens.

If I've filtered by vendor number (see above), then I seem to go back
to search results for having selected nothing. For me, this means
results back to 2002, and it takes a minute of database churn to spit
that all up, and I wonder if really hit the button properly.

I'd like, ideally to select, in the search form, what should happen
after I complete the transaction... the choices are, I think, 
      1) stay on saved transaction
      2) go back to search results.
      3) SOMETHING MORE COMPLEX... When I'm doing my monthly set of
	 not-quite-recurring transactions, I mostly do them in a
	 specific way. I don't know how to express this programmatically
	 yet, but I'm thinking that the something more complex might be
	 expressed in some kind of DSL. Javascript seems like the right
	 place to do this, but every DSL I've written has been in TCL or Ruby,
	 so I have no idea if JS would be tractable to this.

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