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Re: Questions about how LedgerSMB works

On Sun, 2012-11-04 at 20:11 +0100, Erik Huelsmann wrote:


>         9.4 I don't see AP INVOICE anywhere is that DEBIT INVOICE?
> AP invoice is indeed Debit invoice in the LSMB menu under AP.

So, I assume that before a purchase is a transaction, I have to fill out
the 'debit invoice' form when a vendor gives me, together with the goods
purchased and after I paid him, a 'cash invoice', or 'official receipt'?
Then I post it.
Then what, has it become an 'AP Transaction' by then, so I don't need to
process it as such anymore?

And what is the 'creditor invoice' for?

Sorry if these are somewhat lame questions, but I'm not an accountant,
and this version 1.3 is new for me, and I also didn't find this in 'the