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Questions about how LedgerSMB works

One of our new clients would like to know more about how LedgerSMB works.
If someone more knowledgeable than I am could answer the questions below, I'd be appreciative.
His questions are derived primarily from the documentation and some usage.


6.1.5 Where is the Sequence Settings?

In Goods and Services > Add Part why doesn't the Markup% automatically calculate the sell price?  Does it authenticate it to make sure the calculation that was manually done works before it commits to the database?

9.3 The manual says the with AP transactions there are no Internal Notes, but I see a field for that.

9.4 I don't see AP INVOICE anywhere is that DEBIT INVOICE?

9.6.3 AP Aging - The blank next to the month should be a year, I believe.  It shows nothing.

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