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Re: setup.pl fails in ledgersmb on squeeze when set up through apt-get install ledgersmb

Yes, that did something! Thanks.

I have been able now to log into the setup.pl script and create a
database. Then I read that for the manual import

pg_restore -U user -C database.sql

the database should not exist already, so in psql I did


and after logging out of psql, I did the pg_restore.
During the process all (?) the transactions and other data scrolled by
on the screen, and a 

/usr/lib/postgresql/9.1/bin/oid2name -d database

afterwards confirmed the existense of database.
After this, logging into setup.pl is successful, and 'rebuild' also.
However, when subsequently I log in through the web interface login.pl,
the database is completely empty, except for one vendor and one
customer: 'Inventory Entity'.

Error message directly after clicking [Login] on the setup.pl script
Super-user login: ledgersmb
Password: ledgersmb_pw
Database: database

generates an error message in /var/log/apache2/error.log:
DBD::Pg:st execute failed: ERROR: column "version" does not exist
LINE 1: SELECT version FROM defaults
               ^ at LedgerSMB/Database.pm line 326.

Is this maybe a clue?

Further, when I continue after login on setup.pl, and pres [Yes] on
'Rebuild/Upgrade?', after about 20 seconds of activity the script

"This database operation has completed successfully. LedgerSMB may now
be used."

and no additional errors are present in apache2's error.log.

Clicking [Continue using LedgerSMB], and then giving
Name, Password and Company, and clicking [Login],
no invoices are found.

... ... ... help .  .


On Fri, 2012-11-09 at 23:11 -0800, Chris Travers wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 4:38 PM, ario <..hidden..>
> wrote:
>         For archiving purposes I include below the privatepaste
>         entries:
>         (mind you that entries differ between http://privatepaste.com
>          and
>         http://www.privatepaste.com)
>         http://www.privatepaste.com/1346153a6b :
>         ======================================
>         [Fri Nov 09 19:43:57 2012] [notice] caught SIGTERM, shutting
>         down.
>         [Fri Nov 09 21:40:07 2012] [notice] Apache/2.2.22 (Debian)
>         configured --
>         resuming normal operations.
>         Fri Nov 9 22:13:20 2012 Sysconfig.pm created
>         tempdir /tmp/ledgersmb
>         rc=0
>         Use of uninitialized value $msg_plus in concatenation (.) or
>         string at
>         LedgerSMB/Auth.pm line 79.
>         DBI connect('dbname=template1','',...) failed: fe_sendauth: no
>         password
>         supplied at LedgerSMB.pm line 986.
>         DBI connect('dbname=any_qualified_name','ledgersmb',...)
>         failed: FATAL:
>         database "any_qualified_name" does not exist at
>         LedgerSMB/Database.pm
>         line 287.
>         DBD::Pg::db do failed: ERROR: permission denied to create
>         database at
>         LedgerSMB/Database.pm line 429.
> ^^^ There's your problem.
> your user is not a superuser.  you can log in using psql and:
> Then it should work.
> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers
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