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setup.pl fails in ledgersmb on squeeze when set up through apt-get install ledgersmb

I have created (and re-created already a few times) a brand new
Debian-6.0.6/ledgersmb-1.3.23-1 Virtual Machine in qemu/kvm in Fedora
17, with every step--at least I think so--according to the book. But
upon logging in with the setup.pl script, I keep getting the error:

"The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was
unable to complete your request."

resulting in entries in /var/log/apache2/error.log like this:

The errors occur when trying to log in, pointing the host's web browser
to http://<VM's IP>/ledgersmb/setup.pl, entering:
  Super-user: ledgersmb
  Password: lsmb_db_admin_pw
  database: any_qualified_name

and then clicking on [Yes] when the script asks if it should create the
(until then non-existing) database.

The funny thing is that the setup.pl proceeds to the Database Management
Console no matter whether I give the password lsmb_db_admin_pw or the
password lsmb_pgsql_appl_pw.
I thought the first would be the right one to enter, but even with the
second one, the script doesn't complain and proceeds to the Console
where, after pressing [Yes], that the error presents itself.

Is this a bug in the deb package for ledgersmb, or is there some
additional configuration required that I don't know about, before I can
login successfully?


P.S. Following are (in detail) the steps I've taken in setting up the

First I set up a Debian 6.0.6 VM with Virtual Machine Manager as
described in here:

Then I installed and set up ledgersmb-1.3.23-1 using apt-get install
from debian sid main as described here:

After that, some configurations are carried out as in:
which completes the install, after which the failing login is attempted.