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Re: User management - how do I reactivate a user?

On Fri, 2012-10-19 at 11:16 -0400, Kevin Bailey wrote:
> To me it looks like a user is set up with an initial 24 hours until they 
> are deactivated.

   Yes, that's the way they're initially set up.

> If a user does not reset their password in this time they are not able 
> to login any more - what is the easiest way to get them re-activated.  

   Besides what Erik is going to check on, what I've done is just use
sql to fix the expiration time, like this:

ALTER USER admin VALID UNTIL '2012-03-15'

   I usually just use psql to do it...  (This way has been useful for
when I've forgotten to update the password for the only admin user on,
for instance, a test LedgerSMB database...)