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Re: Installing 1.3

On 17/10/12 13:58, ..hidden.. wrote:
Hi,I'm having a bit of a nightmare here!  My old 1.2 based system has suffered a hard drive problem - but no panic, I've got a back up....   Only I'm having some trouble installing 1.3 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS.

Having found that LSMB is not in the repositry, I finally manged to install it via the Ubuntu Software centre - so far so good. However, when I try to log in I get prompted for User, Passsword and Company. The only username entered was 'ledgersmb' and  password asked for during installation doesn't work (I've re-installed 3 times to make sure!). How do I log in?

The user to log in with needs to be an admin user for Postgresql.

Either add a password to the user postgres - or create a new user with

$ sudo su -
# su - postgres
$ createuser -s -P lsadmin
[Enter password twice]

Check that you have

host    all         all          md5

in your pg_hba.conf file

which means that the user can connect to PG using a password.


Also, the backup is from v1.2.xx, am I going to be able to restore this to v1.3.xx ok?


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