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System->taxes Database error

I have just upgraded from 1.3.15 straight to 1.3.19.

Now when I go to System->Taxes, I get the following error:


SELECT c.id, c.accno, c.description,
t.rate * 100 AS rate, t.taxnumber, t.validto,
t.minvalue, t.pass, m.taxmodulename
FROM chart c
(tax t JOIN taxmodule m
ON (t.taxmodule_id = m.taxmodule_id))
ON (c.id = t.chart_id)
WHERE c.tax
ERROR: column t.minvalue does not exist
LINE 4: t.minvalue, t.pass, m.taxmodulename

After upgrading to 1.3.19, I pointed a browser to setup.pl, clicked
rebuild/upgrade and received a confirmation message that "This database
operation has completed successfully. LedgerSMB may now be used."

However, it seems that I am missing the minvalue column from my tax
database table.

Is this a bug in the update procedure, or have I missed out a step?  How
best should I correct this?

My installation was done manually from the sourceforge tarball. I am
running postgres 9.1.4.

I would appreciate advice and guidance to help resolve this.

Many thanks,