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Assign Vendor to Part

I'm still trying to "get my arms around" LedgerSMB and how it works.  Can someone clarify things for me?
I added a vendor "Acme Jewelry Inc".  Then added a part (product) and successfully saved it.  Then I wanted to assign a vendor to the part.  I entered Acme and clicked the Update button.  Acme Jewelry Inc was displayed as a vendor, and an additional "open" row was added.  I clicked the Save button, but the vendor was not saved (assigned to the part).  When I tried "Save New", the following error occurred:

UPDATE parts
SET partnumber = ?,
description = ?,
makemodel = ?,
alternate = ?,
assembly = ?,
listprice = ?,
sellprice = ?,
lastcost = ?,
weight = ?,
priceupdate = ?,
unit = ?,
notes = ?,
rop = ?,
bin = ?,
inventory_accno_id = (SELECT id FROM chart
WHERE accno = ?),
income_accno_id = (SELECT id FROM chart
WHERE accno = ?),
expense_accno_id = (SELECT id FROM chart
WHERE accno = ?),
obsolete = ?,
image = ?,
drawing = ?,
microfiche = ?,
partsgroup_id = ?
WHERE id = ?
ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "parts_partnumber_index_u"
DETAIL: Key (partnumber)=(02357) already exists.


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