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Re: LedgerSMB book progress

On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 10:09 AM, Raja Iskandar Shah <..hidden..> wrote:
matthew, would things like these be helpful for you to understand the chart of accounts ?

Yes, a "basic accounting" chapter would be quite helpful, and your outline seems like a good one.  I also think that a section with examples, as you suggest, would be very helpful. 

I have one idea about this section: I think, since this book is intended to be for LSMB users in particular, it would be helpful to integrate a "quickstart" guide throughout these examples.  I would like to see a set of examples of common business transactions, with three parts to each example: what happens in reality (e.g. Example, Inc. buys some parts from a supplier); what happens in "accounting logic" (credit bank account, debit inventory account); and finally a walkthrough of how a typical LSMB workflow for this transaction would go.

It might be that a brand-new user with a brand-new LSMB installation wouldn't be able to reproduce all of these examples without some initial work (setting up bank accounts and vendors, etc.), but I still think that it would help illuminate the accounting principles to have concrete examples, and it would start the reader getting familiar with LSMB. Once a newbie has gone on & set up a company database & started working, the examples could serve as a useful template for common transactions they'll have to deal with.

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