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Re: LedgerSMB book progress

Hi Raja,

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

imho, perhaps we can split this into 2 books ? 1 for accountants (section II) and another for admins and developers ? in my projects, typically i have 3 manuals : end user, administrator, and developers.

While I completely understand the urge - I've even considered making each part a separate book. However, I think as Matthew puts it very well:

I would also like to respond to the suggesting of splitting the book up. I have no idea what the "typical" LSMB user's situation is, I will be the administrator and the (only) end user for my LSMB system for the foreseeable future, and I really like the idea of having a single book to document all of what I need to know. Indeed, the title "Running Your Business with LSMB" appeals to me because I also hope that it can evolve into a book from which people like me can learn not only about this software but about basic bookkeeping/accounting as well. (I've noticed this already in the explanation which I've seen in the book of why it is a bad idea to edit invoices.)

The audience of the book falls into multiple categories as you say:

* admins
* developers
* accountants

However, in a small and even a medium sized business, these are really very likely to map to one and the same person. Additionally, that person isn't very likely to have major accounting experience. Getting this kind of person up to speed is the goal of "getting started". Once they're up to speed, they should know enough to understand the remaining chapters (mostly).

The remarks such as those on the "editing of invoices" are targeted to this group as well. I hope they're not in the way for more professional readers.
can i suggest that we rethink about chapter 3 ? particularly 3.2 accounting principles.....Â

i would like to give this a shot in writing for section II. i have a few accounting systems manuals lying around in the house.

Sure! By all means! If you don't have time to write it, that's fine as well: maybe you do have time to make more suggestions as to the structure of the chapter?

Anyway, I'm too busy writing the other chapters first, so please don't feel pressured to come up with something too soon. When you're ready to get started, please let us know (to avoid overlapping work being done).

Thanks for taking the time to respond and thanks for the offer of writing parts of the book!


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