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Re: LedgerSMB book progress

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your feedback!

I was glad to hear about this project, [ ... ]

To answer Erik's questions, I did find chapters 5 and 6 to be just about what I needed for getting things up and running. (I installed LedgerSMB on Ubuntu 12.04 following the tutorial at ledgersmb.org, which was extremely helpful.) I like the style of giving a quick explanation of a "standard" setup with references to later in the book for details.

Ok. After some discussion with Chris, we found that the section on "checking the chart of accounts" required a bit of an extension: a number of accounts have to exist for LedgerSMB to work correctly and since the US/General.sql chart doesn't contain them all, we thought it's a good idea to document these minimal requirements in the "Getting started" section. You may want to check that section again to see if your chart is appropriately set up.
I would like to see more information on setting up the charts of accounts. Would it be possible to give a list in the book of what each predefined chart of accounts looks like? I guess I could set up dummy businesses with each to find out, but it would be nice to get a preview to help me decide which to use.

For some we can, yes. I'm thinking we could write a summary for each chart - listing them takes up a lot of space possibly without much benefit.

However my Chinese is a bit too weak to write a summary for the chinese charts. The same applies to some of the others. I'll solicit feedback from this list to create the summary listing.
I see that the section on the create-company-database.sh script is yet to be written - I haven't used this because the predefined charts seemed easy & basically what I needed but I look forward to learning more about the advantages of using this script.
The script isn't much more than a shell script version of setup.pl; it existed before setup.pl and can be used to automate company setup from other shell scripts for example in a hosted environment.
Thanks for the work on this book. I hope I can make some useful contribution to the project as it goes along - I know I'll be following it.

Welcome. Please note that you don't have to write contributions to contribute to the book project: reading it like you have and giving feedback on things which may not be clear to the non-financial reader is at least as helpful.

Thanks again for your reaction.


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