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Re: How ready is Ledger-SMB?

On 17. april 2012 20:38, Kevin Bailey wrote:
> Sorry if this is a dumb question - but thought I'd make sure.
There is no dumb questions. :-)

> We've currently been using SQL-Ledger for nine years - but we're looking
> to switch away when our new tax year starts on 1st October 2012.

> definitely not looking to move the existing data from the existing
> accounts system - we're looking for a clean start for various reasons.

Just to let you know. It's possible to have your old data in LedgerSMB.

There is experimental support for migrating from SQL-Ledger via Setup.pl

We need to test this support. It would be great if you could do it. It 
can help many people in the same situation with less expertise in the area.


> My question is - is Ledger SMB ready for production use?

> Obviously it's
> FOSS software so there's no guarantees of any sort expected - and we'd
As all other software, LedgerSMB have bugs, they on the Tracker:

We have been down to one bug earlier this year. You are welcome to work 
with us on them and add more bugs or help us solve some of them.


> companies. We're UK based and I'm used to setting up SL to work within
> UK's VAT setup etc.

We have a case on this, with some sql code. We would like to test it and 
include it LedgerSMB. Take a look.

> We'd like to be good citizens of LSMB - we're coders ourselves and would
Welcome :-)

> supply hosted account packages to our clients - and LSMB could be a good
> basis for that service.
Yes, we think so.

More LedgerSMB users = better software,
if everyone contributes what they can.

Håvard Sørli - http:/www.anix.no

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