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How ready is Ledger-SMB?


Sorry if this is a dumb question - but thought I'd make sure.

We've currently been using SQL-Ledger for nine years - but we're looking to switch away when our new tax year starts on 1st October 2012.  I'm definitely not looking to move the existing data from the existing accounts system - we're looking for a clean start for various reasons.

My question is - is Ledger SMB ready for production use?  Obviously it's FOSS software so there's no guarantees of any sort expected - and we'd carry out our own backups (printed and DB dumps) and take responsibility for our own systems - but I wondered if LSMB is being used in anger by companies.  We're UK based and I'm used to setting up SL to work within UK's VAT setup etc.

We'd like to be good citizens of LSMB - we're coders ourselves and would be happy to work with bug reports, suggestions, patches etc.  Also, we'd be happy to submit any docs we build up back to the project.

Looking longer term - it may well be that we'd be in a position to supply hosted account packages to our clients - and LSMB could be a good basis for that service.

Thanks for your help,
Kevin Bailey
Director/Programmer - Freeway Projects Limited
Web: www.freewayprojects.com
Email: ..hidden..
Phone: +44 (0)1752 267090

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